San Diego is one of the most entertaining places where you can find plenty of good food, places to visit and places to rest. Most families who embark on a journey in this beautiful state have nothing to say except for wonderful things. There are many fun and romantic activities that you can enjoy with your loved ones. Here are some places to visit while relaxing with your family while traveling to San Diego, California. In seeing the below iconic places look for San Diego airport Budget rent a car services to enhance your travel to these places.

Wild Animal Park

This attraction is a futuristic zoo, scattered over an area of ​​2,000 hectares, where animals can walk freely. It is located 35 miles from the city and you have to rent a car to visit this tourist attraction. One of the main attractions is the lion’s habitat.

San Diego Zoo

It is probably the best-known zoo in the world and placed it on the tourist map of the world. There are many exotic animals, such as Panda bears, rarely found in other zoos. Other attractions are the mountain habitat of the Gorilla Mountains, which all visitors to the zoo must visit.

Whale Watching

One of the most popular attractions is the whale. Everyone has the chance to observe gray whales as they migrate from the end of December to March. This is a show.

Birch Aquarium

The Scripps aquarium birch is one of the least known attractions. It is a research center where people can see different types of sharks, such as the angel, horn and leopard. There is a swimming pool that allows people to reach and see animals in their natural environment. Aquarium specializes in growing its own impressive coral reefs. The aquarium offers a beautiful view of the ocean.

Old Town

You can visit various thematic stores and museums to see the rich cultural heritage of this place. The stores are unique and sell various rare souvenirs and artifacts.

Balboa Park

Hotel Balboa is located in the heart of the city. Offers 13 museums and a zoo in San Diego. Two of the required places are the Natural History Museum in San Diego and the Museum of Man. If you are a science lover, you can try the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, which has many interactive exhibits.

World Famous Ocean Parks

The most famous of all activities in San Diego is a visit to their famous ocean park. Here you can see all the live shows of trained animals that interest them. In addition, an exhibition of all sea creatures that live in the deep blue sea takes place here. Visiting this place is like meeting with a world other than others. Be amazed by the creatures that you have never seen in your life. Enjoy the feeling that the ocean is so close and at hand. Activities in San Diego include trips to the ocean park. The park has many cooked dishes and is ready to eat.

The above are the most iconic destinations you need to travel to when arriving at San Diego. Many people visit San Diego to have fun and spend time together in this city due to its numerous attractions. To enhance your travel rent a car under 25 services are of much importance.